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The Bells are rung on most Sunday Mornings by a group of dedicated ringers, who ring at other City Churches as well. The frame is listed and from the old pre 1790 church and stored then reused as were 8 of the bells, all as described below.

The Bell Frame and ring of 10 Bells 8 of which together with the frame are from the Old Church: There is a ring of 10 bells; 8 from the old church, the 2 smallest (1 and 2) were added in 1790



























The Sanctus bell and the Service bell came from Pilning Church, were purchased in the 1970’s to relieve two bells from the main ring

The information on the Bells has been provided by Nick Bowden; CBC.


Historical Note:

A three hour peal was rung in November 2016 on the 8 original bells to celebrate the 300th year of their casting.

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