The Book of Common Prayer and the Authorised Version of the Bible are used at all services. Normal service details and times are outlined below:


1st to 4th Sundays of the month

11.00 am        Choral Eucharist

6.30 pm          Sung Evensong, Anthem and Sermon

5th Sunday of the month

11.00 am        Sung Matins, Anthem and Sermon

6.30 pm          Sung Evensong, Anthem and Sermon

Weekdays (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Tuesday 1.05 pm          Holy Communion (said)      

Thursday 1.05 pm         Holy Communion (said)

Priest in Charge

Reverend Canon John Pedlar



Licenced Lay Reader

Mr Anthony Berridge

Other Clergy

We are grateful for the service of the following dedicated men who freely give us their services, and we list them below in no particular order:


  • The Reverend Victor Barley

  • The Reverend Fr. Robert Webb

  • Reverend Canon Peter Chambers

  • The Reverend Richard Burbridge

  • Reverend Fr. Jones Mutemwakwenda

  • Reverend Paul Hawkins

  • Reverend Canon John Simpson


  • Churchwardens - Mr Roger Metcalfe & Mrs Margaret Dymond

  • Churchwardens of Saint Ewen - Dr. Martin J Crossley Evans

                               - Richard Hobbs

  • Parochial Church Council Secretary - Mr Martin Bracey

  • Treasurer - Mr Jack Howells

  • Director of Music - Mr Jonathan D R Price

  • Safeguarding Officer - Mrs Margaret Dymond